August 2013 Newsletter

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In The Scope of Things VOLUME 2 ISSUE 1


President’s Message: Jackie Crawford ASN CGRN


Wow!!! I can’t believe that fall is almost here, summer has been eventful, how time flies when you have so much to keep you busy.  Fall not only brings changes in the weather, color of leaves but also time for changes in our board.  Nominations were made in the spring so now it will be time to vote on them.  The board asks that you please take time to do this respectfully.  INSGNA board is here for our members and future members to bring the best educational opportunities to you as close to home as we can.  Voting is one way of letting your voice be heard.  I, as your current President, feel it has been an honor to represent INSGNA.  I have had the opportunity to represent you and be your voice at the Annual Conference at the HOD, and in that role I have learned so much more about SGNA, the process of SGNA and how things work at the National Level.  I would like to thank all of you who voted for me and to those who have given me encouragement throughout my role as President and as a board member.  I had someone tell me once that in order to do well and look good surround yourself with people who are successful and that make you look good.  INSGNA board members would be those people for me.  Your current board works hard to find innovative ways to cut cost so they can bring educational offerings to you at a low cost.  Your facility hosts work hard to find great speakers with new and upcoming changes in GI/endoscopy.  You as members need to work hard at trying to attend these conferences and bring a friend to make those a success.  We all are seeing cuts in workplace budgets, and a lot of those cuts are coming in continuing education.  Even with these cuts we need to keep in mind as professionals we need to continue to keep updating our education.  Remember that there are scholarships out there nationally and regionally for our regional conferences and the Annual Course.  Check our website for more information on these scholarships.


I would like to invite each and every one of you to our fall conference on September 14, 2013 at the Marten House in Indianapolis, IN.  The program of speakers looks outstanding and I can’t wait to see everyone again.  Till September, everyone enjoy the rest of the summer.


Treasurer: Ann Minnicus RN BSN MSM


I cannot believe that it is August already and the fall conference is right around the corner.


The balance in our checking account as of July 31st was $12,338.33, and in our savings account, $17,113.01.


Enjoy the rest of the summer and don’t forget to register early for the fall conference.

Secretary: Susan Selking RN BSN CGRN


The slate of candidates for the INSGNA officers elected this fall was pulled from existing officers. We need INSGNA members to step up to the plate and offer to become involved in our organization as committee members or committee chairs.  We can then mentor people into the roles of officers for the organization. The existing officers have been serving INSGNA for many years and we desperately need fresh people to help us propel our organization forward.  Please consider serving as a committee member or chair.


The members will vote on the slate of candidates who will serve for the next two years at the fall conference at the Marten House.  The candidates are:


President-elect: Ann Minnicus

Treasurer: Ann Minnicus

Secretary: Susan Selking


Program Committee: Deb Nesbitt BSN RN CGRN/Nancy Bright RN CGRN


Our Fall Conference is September 14 at the Marten House Hotel, 1801 West 86th Street, Indianapolis, IN. St Vincent Indianapolis Digestive Health Center is hosting. Registration is $40 for members, $60 for non-members. Online registration is underway now at After September 2, a $20 late fee is added.


The spring 2014 Conference is being planned by St. Mary’s Hospital in Evansville.


We are looking for a host for fall 2014. It is not too soon to start planning a date and venue for that. Please let one of the co-chairs know if you are interested in hosting or have questions about what is involved.


The Program Committee is pleased to announce that we have a new member. Kimberley Harmon-Stevens, RN, BSN, CGRN is joining us. Kim works at IU Health at the Beltway Surgery Center at Springmill. We appreciate Kim’s willingness to serve and look forward to working with her.


We hope to see you all at the Marten House. If you did not receive an email invitation, please contact

Nancy Bright to update your contact information.


Deb Nesbitt, RN, BSN, CGRN


Nancy Bright, RN, BSN, CGRN


Membership Committee:  Dianna Burns RN BS CGRN


We are continuing to grow our profession.  We are now 128 members strong!  The INSGNA Board of Directors would like to welcome our newest members:


Lisa Jobe – Greenwood                                  Kathleen Korman – Valparaiso

Cheryl Michael – Indianapolis                       Lorraine Sharpe – Highland


The benefits that are reaped from  membership are priceless!


  • Opportunity for education, networking and viewing new product developments through national and regional education courses
  • Publications and communications include six annual issues of Gastroenterology Nursing, the SGNA’s journal, and a subscription to SGNA News, the SGNA newsletter
  • Discounts on certification through ABCGN
  • Comprehensive Online Membership Directory
  • SGNA’s employment network to connect nursing professionals to new positions and careers
  • Opportunity for volunteer participation on national committees and task forces, ranging from awards to research
  • Opportunity to influence policy and legislation at the national level
  • Awards and scholarship opportunities through the SGNA Education and Research initiatives
  • Contact hours available through SGNA education materials and Annual Course attendance
  • Access to Speaker Resource Database to locate expert speakers on various GI/Endoscopy related topics
  • Reduced fees for registration at national education courses, for independent study module contact hours, for purchase of SGNA publications and for SGNA Marketplace merchandise


There is also opportunity for Corporate/Facility Membership.  If you have five or more individual members, you can join as a hospital/facility or corporation through the SGNA Corporate/Facility Membership option.  This option offers privileges to the member and hospital/facility or corporation such as transferrable memberships, member discounts on employment ads, web employment ads, publications, exhibits and the Annual Course.


You can download the membership application or join online at



There is no better way to show your commitment and promote our endoscopy specialty than by becoming a SGNA member.  When you join the national organization you automatically become a member of the IN SGNA.  Please refer to the membership benefits listed in this newsletter.  Each time you refer a new member your name will be entered for a drawing to win a $50 coupon.  The coupon can be redeemed for any SGNA marketplace material, and INSGNA conference registration fee or partial registration to the Multi-Regional conference.  What a simple way to win $50!  Deadline to be entered for the drawing is February 28, 2014.  We will draw at the spring INSGNA conference in Evansville.  Good Luck!



Education/Scholarship: Michele Tyring RN BSN CGRN


It’s back to school time.  The time to think about learning something new, even if we are not school aged.  There are so many opportunities through INSGNA/SGNA.  I hope to see many of you at our annual fall conference.  It promises to be a great day of education & networking.  We will have our 50/50 raffle to support the scholarships INSGNA offers.


The Multi-Regional SGNA Covering G.I. Bridges will be held Friday October 18 through Sunday October 20, 2013 in Louisville, Kentucky.  For more information or to register visit


I challenge you to consider applying for the SGNA Evidenced Based Practice Nurse Fellowship.  As one of the 2013 Class Fellows, I can assure that you will learn & be given the tools to improve outcomes in your work setting.  Evidenced-based Practice is a vital part of advancing gastroenterology & endoscopy nursing.  Let it be a vital part of your growth & learning.


We are always looking for suggestions & volunteers to better our education resources for you, our members.  What is it that you need to learn?  What can you teach to others?  Let’s catch the “Back to School” spirit!