2019 August Newsletter


In The Scope of Things Volume 2 Issue 1


President’s Message: Dianna Burns RN BS CGRN

Where does the time go? It is hard to believe summer is about over and school has begun! As we settle
back into our routine this might be a good time to seek opportunities for self growth in our endoscopy
specialty. Have you thought of becoming an Infection Prevention Champion? How would you like to gain
access to the latest evidenced-based information? This information can be used to complete an in-depth
unit risk assessment and gain knowledge on how to apply accrediting survey standards to your unit. The
Champions Program reviews processes, products, education, and competencies. Anyone with any
interest in infection prevention would benefit from the course. As a first year participant you will assess
your current practices and implement best practices. Check out the SGNA Resources for Infection
Prevention News and resources for Quality and Safety. If not you personally, how about a colleague with
great leadership skills and a desire to provide the best possible patient care. Check out the SGNA
website for a Champion job description and the Infection Prevention Champion Fact Sheet.


Immediate Past President: Ann Minnicus MSM RN CGRN

Future of INSGNA: To Be or Not to Be?

Several of the current officers have been on the INSGNA Board for many years; with perpetual rotation
of roles. I have been on a committee or an office for more than 15 years. Dianna and Susan were
veteran officers when I started out on the Program Committee, they have served in many roles as well.
We are in an election year, and we did not have any qualified candidates for officers. To qualify to
become an officer, you need to serve on an INSGNA committee for two years. Committee
opportunities: Program, Education/Scholarship, Budget and Finance, Membership, Newsletter,
Nominations and Elections, and Policy and Procedure. Each Committee is chaired by an officer or
Committee chair, and by joining a committee you will have the opportunity to become familiar with the
different committees to see what they entail. The time commitment is not excessive; the Program
Committee probably requires the most time; particularly around the INSGNA spring and fall educational
We need members who have a passion for GI nursing and a commitment to continuing education, to
consider serving on a committee. This gives you the opportunity to become familiar with the various
committees under the mentorship of a veteran committee chair or officer.
Please express your interest in becoming a committee member to any of the committee chairs or
officers at the INSGNA Fall Conference October 5 th in Lafayette. Or you may email me anytime at


President-elect/Secretary: Susan Selking BSN RN CGRN

INSGNA did not receive any candidate suggestions over the summer for the open officer positions of
secretary, treasurer, and president-elect. The ballot was uncontested so no ballots were mailed to the
membership. The slate of candidates for the open positions will once again be recycled amongst the
current board members. The candidates are:

Secretary: Ann Minnicus
Treasurer: Deb Nesbitt
President-elect: Susan Selking

The election of officers will take place during the INSGNA Business Meeting to be held October 5, 2019
during the Fall Conference in Lafayette.
Please consider becoming involved in INSGNA so that new people can become officers within our
organization. The reality of the situation is that as current board members retire there is no one to take
their place. The question becomes will we need to disband INSGNA?


Treasurer: Deb Nesbitt BSN RN CGRN
As of August 1, 2019 our accounts show the following balances:
Savings: $17,606.33
Checking: $9,247.42


Membership Committee: Justin Heit BSN RN CGRN

We have 127 members with 11memberships expiring 12/31/20 and 116 expiring at the end of this year.


Education/Scholarship: Michele Tyring RN BSN CGRN

It’s hard to believe that another school year has started! Even though I’m not in school myself or have
school aged children anymore, it makes me want to learn something new. How about you? This
committee wants to help you with your learning needs. We encourage you to come to the fall
conference and bring some cash for the 50/50 raffle. The 50/50 raffle helps fund our scholarships.
Please read the following article from a past scholarship winner:

SGNA National conference
Is attending National Conference worth it?
Reimbursement options from employers for education purposes are lower, tax deductions for work
expenses have been eliminated and cost of travel has increased!  Seems like a daunting trilogy of
negatives.  But even considering these issues, attending the Orlando SGNA conference was a great mix
of educational offerings, obtaining re-certification CEU's, networking with truly talented colleagues and
awesome fun!
I have found the easiest way to obtain an adequate number of CEU’s to maintain my certification is to
attend 1 or 2 national conferences every 5 years.   I helped defray some of the cost of a previous
conference I attended by being a presenter.  In 2018, I applied for and was fortunate enough to receive
the INSGNA scholarship award which helped make my attendance at the conference financially
possible.  Because of the great location, I was able to invite a non-attendee friend who helped share
some expenses so we could enjoy Disney as well.  Location does matter! 🙂
The topics presented at National are more unique than our local conferences and you also have the
option of selecting classes more specific to your interest level.  As an example, I am now a Transplant
Coordinator, primarily caring for patients who have received a liver transplant.  I was able to attend a
presentation by another transplant center which provided other perspectives and strategies for caring
for these complex patients.  I have been away from ERCP and general procedures for a while but
routinely deal with pancreatitis and obstructions post-transplant, so the updated information that was
presented on each of these topics was both very timely and useful.
 It seems every conference there are presentations regarding one of the most powerful and essential
organs of the body- the amazing liver.  These updates are useful to all nurses and techs in whatever area
of gastroenterology you are in.  So many patients and family members deal with someone coping with
liver disease, and these classes help prepare you to respond appropriately to the ongoing inquiries
regarding management of these conditions.  Current GI cancer conditions and therapies are routinely
addressed as well as upcoming surgical and medical treatments for GERD, bleeding, Bariatrics,
perforations, etc.  There are numerous leadership and research options as well.  And, of course, there is
a plethora of support for infection prevention and best practices for disinfection of endoscopic
Networking opportunities abound with social events and discussion groups.  I have met nurses and
technicians from small practices who face unique issues to even larger practices than my large university
facility and am able to learn from their expertise.  Everyone is always so friendly and engaging as well.
So…………is attending national Conference worth it?  I offer you a Resounding YES in response!!  Give
yourself and your career a boost and attend a National Conference soon! 
Christine Milne RN, BSN, CGRN
Liver Transplant Coordinator
IU Health- University Hospital


Program Committee: Michelle Oilar CST

It never ceases to amaze me how quickly the summer months fly by. It seems like summer just starts
then all of the sudden it is almost over and we are planning for our fall conference. This year our fall
conference will be held in Lafayette and will be hosted by Franciscan Health Lafayette on October 5 th .
There will be a Friday evening dinner CEU opportunity on October 4 th – check on our website in the next
few weeks for more information and to sign up. We would like to extend a big thank you to Diana Burns
and the staff at Lutheran Hospital in Fort Wayne for hosting such a great conference in the spring and
we look forward to returning to Fort Wayne next spring when Parkview Health will be hosting. There will
be more information to follow on all conferences on our website and in your email in the upcoming
weeks. Have a great last few weeks of summer and we hope to see you all in Lafayette at our fall


Website: Katrina and Brent McClain
The agenda for the fall conference will be posted on the website in September. If anyone has any photos
of events that they would like posted on the website please send them in!