2020 December Newsletter


In The Scope of Things Volume 3 Issue 1


President’s Message: Susan Selking, RN CGRN

 It is hard to believe that December has arrived. The end of 2020. Needless to say, I am sure everyone looks forward to putting this year behind us and moving on to, hopefully, a bright new year.

Looking back over 2020 there were some bright spots for our organization:

  1. We all learned new technology skills.
  2. We were still able to virtually network through the use of SGNA Communities
  3. We were able to hold several SGNA meetings virtually-the leadership conference and the house of delegates
  4. We were able to attend the annual course virtually thanks to SGNA.
  5. We were able to add some (much needed) new blood to our INSGNA committees. Thank you to those of you who volunteered.

Looking forward to 2021 I see those bright spots growing for INSGNA:

  1. We will continue to hold our quarterly board meetings and discuss the business of INSGNA
  2. We will update our bylaws to reflect our actual practice
  3. We hope to hold our first ever INSGNA virtual conference in the spring due to the cancellation of our in-person conference venue
  4. We will hold elections for officer positions in the summer
  5. We hope to host an in-person conference in the fall

The future of INSGNA is bright and your board looks forward to bringing you relevant information and networking as we go through 2021.

I hope you all have a blessed holiday season, and that you and your families stay well. Let me know if there is anything you need from me. I am always here for you. Thank you for allowing me the privilege of being your President for the past year and I look forward to serving you in the coming year!


Immediate Past President/Historian; Nominations and Elections: Dianna Burns, RN BS CGRN

As the 2020 year is closing, all I have to say is – I sure hope our crisis comes to an end soon. This has been an unprecedented year and I pray that all of our colleagues have remained safe and healthy. I think that we can all say that this year has been a year that we will never forget!! We will continue to see changes into 2021 that may become our new norm – an adjustment we all must make. Please stay healthy and safe.

I want to thank the INSGNA members that have volunteered to fill some of the open positions on our committees. You have excellent mentors that look forward to working with you. As we address the changes to our education and future conferences we look forward to new ideas and open-minded suggestions to assist in the survival of the INSGNA. Hopefully we will be able to meet face-to-face soon!


Treasurer:  Deb Nesbitt BSN RN CGRN

Savings Account:                     $17,610.76

Checking Account:                   $ 7, 848.77


Membership Committee: Justin Heit BSN RN CGRN

Happy fall/almost winter everyone! I hope you were able to take advantage of the 47th Annual Course this past November and all of the amazing online content.  A big shoutout to those at SGNA who made this all possible.  I was really skeptical at first of having pre-recorded content but honestly found the conference to be very interactive and extremely well executed.  Thanks to all of those who made it possible! This is just one of great reasons to be a part of SGNA.  Our fall membership update is as follows:

We currently have 137 members, with 92 expiring this December 2020.  SGNA has been offering flash sales off and on to people for joining or renewing during certain time periods. Check your e-mail for updates and be on the lookout for upcoming Flash Sales.   Visit https://www.sgna.org/Join/Become-a-Member to learn more about the benefits or to join or renew for 2021.                                                                                                                                      Please don’t forget to choose your regional society of Indiana Region when renewing.  By joining SGNA December 15-17 or renewing your membership for 2021, you get full access to member benefits, with the special gift of one free live webinar (and the opportunity to earn contact hours) next year. All those who join or renew during SGNA’s December Flash Sale will also be entered into a drawing for an SGNA Swag Bag (blanket and water bottle).


Please join me in welcoming the following new members:

Jennifer Richards

Amanda Smith

Diana Ramsey

Alexandrea Burnett


Hope you all have a happy and safe holiday! Please reach out with questions or comments to insgnamembership@gmail.com. Thanks!



Education/Scholarship: Michele Tyring RN BSN CGRN

Welcome Anndee Gosnell and Christine Milne to the Education/Scholarship Committee.

One gift in this COVID Crisis has been the recognition that we do have options other than in- person for communication, meetings, and educational programs.

In the spirit of providing the information our members want, we requested your input on topics of interest. We are pleased to report that we had over a 20% response, which is quite an improvement from previous surveys, so Thank You! We are very encouraged by this and hope we can foster a continued increase in participation.

Our immediate goal moving forward is to continue to provide our members as much information as possible through requested conference topics and CE’s to support you in maintaining your certification. Significant CE’s are available by attending conferences and re-certification courses, and you can apply to INSGNA for a scholarship to help cover the cost! Contact us for more information.

In our survey 96.15% stated that they would like to see more educational opportunities outside of INSGNA. In question 2 we asked you to vote on 4 forms of education that you would feel is the most beneficial for you.

  1. Printed articles at the conference 92%
  2. Links to articles in the newsletter 15%
  3. Poster presentations54%
  4. Other- Please Specify38%

Responses for “other” included: Links to online CE learnings at low or no cost to maintain certification.

In question 3 we gave an open-ended question “What educational topics would you like to see more information about?”  We received many great ideas that include…

  • Successful prep pre colonoscopy
  • New technology and processes
  • Emergency preparedness especially as our world is changing
  • Procedures at a Glance such as –
    • Describe the anatomy and physiology behind the procedure
    • Typesof supplies and equipment needed.
    • Sedation courses/simulations
  • Pulmonary procedures, infection recommendations, collaboration of facilities on bestpractices
  • ESD, full thickness resections, POEM, TIF, and disposable Vs reusable scopes
  • Types of preps- educational material about how to better prepare patients
  • Current GI cancer therapies
  • TIF procedure, EMR, Poly-loop
  • Preceptor development and orientation/ items to assist in educating staff
  • UC
  • Banding, raising polyps, bravo
  • IBD, pancreas, liver issues

We have more CE learning in the works, but we will start with the following:



We hope you all enjoy the holiday season and wish you the best in the coming year! May 2021 be a year of learning, growth, health and happiness!



Program Committee: Michelle Oilar CST

As we come to the end of this whirlwind year, we have received news that Covid19 has unfortunately thrown yet another wrench in our plans for in person meeting for our upcoming Spring INSGNA conference. We had hoped to provide a normal in-person live conference in Fort Wayne on March 13, 2021 however with the current state of the virus the venue has decided to cancel all events through March. The INSGNA board has decided to try to offer a virtual event in place of the live conference on March 13th. The plan is to have the same doctors and topics as we would have had at the in-person conference. Our gracious hosts at Parkview Health are trying very hard to make this happen for us.  Our hope is to have something to offer for CEs. keep a watch on our website and on your email for Eventbrite updates on where we are with our spring conference. In addition to the spring conference update, we are also in need of a host for our Fall 2021 conference- at this point it could be either an in –person or virtual event. If you have any interest in hosting please reach out to any member of the INSGNA board to let us know and we would be happy to speak with you about it. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone from your INSGNA Program Committee!!!



Website: Katrina and Brent McClain

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Merry Christmas

and a safe and healthy

New Year 2021!