2018 December Newsletter


In the Scope of Things Volume 3 Issue 1


President’s Message: Dianna Burns RN BS CGRN

Happy Holidays! Where did the year go? As we wrap up 2018 and begin to plan for the new year the INSGNA Board is committed to the continuing growth and success of our organization -and you can help. Several of our INSGNA Board members have served for several years and are anxious to mentor new blood into leadership roles within the organization. Each of us live such busy lives between work and home. Please consider reaching out to one of our Board members to learn more. There is minimal commitment and several perks to becoming more active within our professional organization. We have been blessed with awesome conferences and speakers but have so many more directions we could grow. Do you have a passion? What about education, legislation, certification, website, membership or program planning committee? We could all use an extra hand. The INSGNA Board is looking forward to another great year and would love to see your smiling faces joining our meeting or conference calls and sharing your ideas for growth.

Again – Happy Holidays. See you next year!


Immediate Past President:  Ann Minnicus MSM RN CGRN

 I thought it would be interesting to share some fun facts about nursing! Enjoy!

 The first nursing school opened in the year 250 BC. The earliest recorded history of nursing distinguishes their roles as midwives.

The original nursing cap is designed after a nun’s habit. Religious organizations often provided training to nuns, who acted as the first groups of organized nurses in medieval Europe. This type of headdress was worn to show that they worked in the service of caring for the sick. The head covering was more like a veil, but it later evolved into the nursing cap in the Victorian era.

Mary Eliza Mahoney was the first African American nurse to study and work as a professional nurse in the United States. She graduated from nursing school in 1879

Phoebe, a nurse mentioned in Romans 16:1; is thought to be the first Christian nurse mentioned in text. She was supposed to have been sent by St. Paul as the first traveling nurse to Rome.

Former first lady Mary Todd Lincoln and famous American poet Walt Whitman volunteered as nurses at the bedsides of patients during the American Civil War.

The top occupational health concern of nurses is back injury

James Derham, a black slave, was “owned” by several doctors working as a nurse. He bought his freedom using his nursing salary and he later became the first African- American physician.

Japan’s exam for foreign nurses is so difficult that, according to the latest report, it has been passed only by 96 out of 741 test takers in the past five years.

The term nosocomial which means “hospital acquired” originated from a Latin term “nosocomium” which refers to men who tended the sick in ancient Rome.

According to the World Health Organization, Nepal is one of the countries with the lowest nurses per capita. It only has 5 nurses per 100,000 people.

There are three million nurses in the U.S.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that there were about three million nurses as of 2016. On a more global scale, there are over 19 million nurses in the world.

In 2017, The Gallup organization’s results of their poll for the most honest and ethical professions, list nurses as the top profession for the 16th year.


Membership Committee: Dianna Burns RN BS CGRN

 It is that time of year again to renew our SGNA membership. Please log in to the SGNA website and review the Valuable Benefits and encourage your co-workers to review the valuable benefits you receive with your membership.  They are priceless!  You not only have access to publications and educational materials, but also there are ample opportunities for networking, viewing new product developments, and reduced fees for education courses and SGNA Marketplace merchandise.  As the field of endoscopy continues to grow and stay on the cutting edge of medicine – there is no better place to be right now.  Don’t forget ABCGN – our certification body.  SGNA membership also entitles you to a discount on the certification exam and study materials.
There is also opportunity for Corporate/Facility Membership.  We currently have two corporate members:

The Endoscopy Center of St. Francis, LLC

Franciscan Health Indianapolis
If you have five or more individual members, you can join as a hospital/facility or corporation through the SGNA Corporate/Facility Membership option.  This option offers privileges to the member and hospital/facility or corporation such as transferrable memberships, member discounts on employment ads, web employment ads, publications, exhibits and the Annual Course.  You can download the membership application at www.sgna.org.

I encourage you to visit the SGNA website at   www.sgna.org   frequently.  There is an overwhelming amount of knowledge, expertise and references available at your fingertips.

Do you specialize in a certain area – do not forget to check out the SIGs (Special Interest Groups).  These are focus groups sharing the same problems and concerns you have.  The networking is amazing!

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce Justin Heit – our new INSGNA Membership Chair. As of 2019 Justin will be your contact for membership questions. Please do not hesitate to contact any of our INSGNA Board Members for any organizational or membership questions.

Thank you for continuing to support our specialty as we stay on the cutting edge of endoscopy and gastroenterology.

Treasurer: Deb Nesbitt BSN RN CGRN

As of December 2018 our accounts show the following balances:

Checking Account:  $17,490.77

Savings Account:     $12,164.67


Education/Scholarship Committee: Michele Tyring RN BSN CGRN

It’s hard to believe another year is coming to a close!  Tempus fugit/time flies!  Have you gained wisdom or knowledge during 2018?  What are your educational goals for 2019?  INSGNA wants to help you with those goals!  Please let us know how we can help by completing the survey:


Thanks so much to all who participated in the 50/50 scholarship raffle at our fall meeting!  A total of $102 was collected.  Miguel Linares from Parkview Hospital was our lucky winner, leaving with $51.

Another big thank you goes to Joyce Flueckiger for her many years of faithful service to INSGNA.  Most recently she has served on the education/scholarship committee, but is now retired from the committee.  That leaves an opening for a new member!  If you are interested, please let us know.


Program Committee: Michelle Oilar CST

Winter is upon us and it is a cold and snowy one. We are thinking warm thoughts though as we are planning for our annual Spring Conference. The conference will be hosted by Lutheran Hospital and will   be held in Fort Wayne on March 16, 2019.  We are also looking ahead to our Fall Conference.  It will be hosted by Franciscan Health Lafayette and will be held in Lafayette on September 14, 2019.

Our Fall Educational Conference was a hit- a big thank you to all of the participants, vendors and of course to Sophia Massey and the wonderful group at the VA for all your hard work!!

Make sure to check out our Facebook page and website for updates on the conferences and our region.