2020 August Newsletter


In the Scope of Things Volume 3 Issue 2


President’s Message: Susan Selking, RN CGRN


Happy August! I find it hard to believe that we have endured this virus for five months.  School has started again; returning to our “normal” way of life will not happen for many months, if ever.

As members of SGNA we are experiencing the same issues. Our in-person conferences have become virtual or have been canceled as we navigate this new world. The annual course will be held virtually October 31-November 2, 2020. Will you attend?  Take this opportunity to stay connected to our professional organization and each other. Our organization has provided us with a wonderful opportunity to meet together, learn, earn contact hours, and visit with vendors at a reduced price!

Please see the SGNA events page for details.

Networking opportunities have not stopped. We all need to confer with each other to determine best practices for our patients. Take the opportunity to stay engaged by participating through the SGNA Communities page on the website.

Contact hours can also be obtained through the SGNA website. There are new offerings and recorded offerings that allow you to obtain those much needed contact hours.  Candice Quillin shared these contact hour options on the SGNA Open Forum Digest on the Communities Page recently:




Healthmark does a live webinar a couple of times a month – try this email to get on list:  customervoice@hmark.com  Topics on reprocessing of endoscopes are GI specific



OR Today has a webinar series, frequently topics are GI related, specifically reprocessing and daily activities such as work flow, management of GI, etc.

Medical Universities are starting to offer live contact hours per webinar for Nurses/Physicians, check them out.   Topics are sometimes GI disease related, especially if they have a GI fellowship program.  I know The University of Kansas Medical School had one earlier this year – was live webinar for most of the day. Speakers from all over the world talked.  Just need to get on their email list.  KU’s  :  KUMC Office of CE <contactce@kumc.edu>


Healio/Gastroenterology <gastroenterology@e.healio.com>  Offers GI webinars

Medscape:  You select topics of interest.  Offer whole hour live webinars and quick quarter hour contact hour programs.  They even track your contact hours for a quick pull up.  Not sure if this get you to them, but copied from an email:   Medscape CE Nurses <Medscape_CE_Nurses@mail.medscape.org>  and  medscapecustomersupport@webmd.net

Kansas City’s APIC offers one hour a month free live webinar.   Check out your local organizations to see what is out there.  They frequently have GI topics – C-diff, GI and COVID, Reprocessing of endoscopes, etc.  APIC is offering a 6.5 contact hour virtual program in October: Cleaning Disinfection and Sterilization.

I hope you all are able to attend the annual conference in October. INSGNA hopes to hold our spring conference next March. I hope to see you then. In the meantime, stay engaged, and involved. INSGNA continues to look for volunteers. Are you interested? Please contact me at sselking@ecommunity.com. I would love to speak with you!!



Immediate Past President:  Dianna Burns, RN BS CGRN

 Nominations and Elections

As we continue to struggle day-to-day addressing the safety of our patients, co-workers and ourselves we show strength in our profession and dedication by conforming to the newly established guidelines. It is very important that we continue to grow our profession and rely on each other for support. The INSGNA Board is reaching out to you to request your involvement and expertise to assist with the continued growth of our organization. It has become even more important the we stand strong and become leaders of our Endoscopy specialty. Please consider volunteering to become a committee member.  We need new and creative ideas! The current Board each have years of experience and look forward to mentoring you on to a committee.


Treasurer:  Deb Nesbitt BSN RN CGRN

Account Balance:  August 1, 2020

Savings Account:                     $17,609.87

Checking Account:                   $ 7,511.26


Program Committee: Michelle Oilar CST

This year of 2020 has certainty brought us some unexpected circumstances and situations causing us to rethink and reconfigure much of our daily lives let alone such events like our biannual INSGNA conferences. Even our annual national SGNA was forced to go virtual this year due to the pandemic. We are currently scheduled and prepared to offer the Spring 2021 INSGNA Educational Conference in Fort Wayne, IN at the Mirro Center on March 13, 2021. The INSGNA board will be closely watching the state regulations as well as monitoring the Mirro Center’s requirements to ensure that we may proceed as planned. Please stay tuned to our website: indianasgna.org and Eventbrite for more information to come. We want to thank you all for your understanding and patience with us during this unprecedented time. Stay safe everyone!!


Membership Committee: Justin Heit BSN RN CGRN

We currently have 135 members, with 120 expiring this December 2020.  8 new members took advantage of the mid-year membership and will expire at the end of 2021. Renew now and take advantage of mid-year pricing until October 1st to get the most out of your membership. Don’t forget to choose your regional society of Indiana Region!

Mid-Year Membership Pricing

(Mid-Year Memberships will expire on December 31, 2021 and are available for purchase through fall 2020)

Mid-Year Voting Licensed Nurse $160.20
Mid-Year Voting Associate $121.50
Mid-Year Non-Voting Affiliate $176.40
Mid-Year Non-Voting/Non-Practicing $106.20

Welcome the following new mid-year members!

Caren Myers Lutheran Hospital
Shea Borton IndyGastro
Elizabeth Hamilton Eskenazi Health
Jennifer Sparks Surgery Center Plus
Roxane Ashby Indiana University Hospital
Carolyn Harris Eskenazi Health
Holly Cork Good Samaritan Hospital

“See” you in November in Louisville!


 Education/Scholarship: Michele Tyring RN BSN CGRN


Thank you to those who have completed the educational needs survey already.  However, we only received a few.  So please take the time to complete the survey so we know how to best serve you!


Our world is still not back to normal with COVID-19 being on the rise again.  Taking care of ourselves is of upmost importance so we can best take care of our patients and others.  There are lots of ways to do self-care.  Just Google “self-care” and the list is endless.  Exercise, healthy eating, mediation and journaling are just a few.  If you’re new to journaling, or need some fresh ideas check out:


COVID has not stopped our scholarship program.  Applications for certification/recertification and INSGNA/SGNA courses are available on our website.  We will continue with our usual 50/50 raffle to support scholarships when we can meet in person again.  We’re looking forward to that!  Wishing everyone health & happiness!


 Website: Katrina McClain

The website has been updated with the save the date for the 2021 spring conference.  The August newsletter was also posted on the website.