2019 April Newsletter


In the Scope of Things Volume 1 Issue 1


President’s Message: Dianna Burns RN BS CGRN

As the school year quickly approaches and summer creeps up on us – before we get too busy with our summer activities – I would like to reach out to each SGNA/INSGNA member and encourage you to consider joining one of the INSGNA committees. The current Board members are reaching retirement and are anxious to mentor new committee members into the Board positions. According to policy you must participate on a committee for 2 years prior to being nominated to a Board position. We know there are several attendees that have taken advantage of the educational opportunities that INSGNA has presented over the years. That shows a true commitment to the endoscopy specialty and we would like to encourage you to assist us in growing our organization. If you are interested or have questions please contact any of the Board members and we will be happy to answer any questions.

Susan Selking, President-Elect, and I had the honor of representing INSGNA at the House of Delegates in Portland, Oregon at this year’s 46th SGNA conference. There were four resolutions submitted to the House of Delegates for discussion.


  1. The Vice Speaker nominees are each given the opportunity to speak for 2 minutes to the delegates prior to voting for the Vice Speaker of the House of Delegates.

                This resolution was adopted by the House of Delegates and will be presented to the SGNA Board of Directors for approval

  1. National SGNA is no longer providing support for contact hour approval resulting in the state having difficulty in providing contact hours for regional meetings. State board of nursing applications are extensive, costly, and cumbersome, and hospitals are no longer providing contact hours for educational activities. RESOLVED that national SGNA reinstate contact hour approver unit

                This resolution was adopted by the House of Delegates and will be presented to the SGNA Board of Directors for approval

  1. SGNA is offering 3 different costs for regional dues leading to some confusion on the part of prospective members. One region charges $10 dues, 4 regions charge $20 dues, and 54 regions charge $15 for their annual membership dues. RESOLVED that SGNA Regional Society Member Dues, for all SGNA Regions, be set at a uniform rate to be determined by the SGNA Board of Directors

                This resolution was adopted by the House of Delegates and will be presented to the SGNA Board of Directors for approval

  1. As promoting the professional development of its members is a part of the SGNA’s Mission Statement, the Technicians & Associates role has grown into many tasks and responsibilities that in the past has been a nursing role. RESOLVED Technicians & Associates are included not only as a member of SGNA, but should be able to hold a leadership role in Regional and National chapters. With this, the membership could be increased and therefore increase revenue

                This resolution was postponed indefinitely for further clarification


The adopted resolutions will now be taken to the SGNA Board of Directors for discussion and voting at the summer Board meeting.

For those able to attend the 46th SGNA Annual Conference I am sure you will agree that the speakers were outstanding! Please mark your calendars now and join our INSGNA member and SGNA President – LeaAnne Myers – for the 47th SGNA Annual Conference in Louisville, Kentucky – May 17-19, 2020. I am sure it will be another successful conference!!


President-elect/Secretary: Susan Selking BSN RN CGRN

 Elections are this summer for officer positions within INSGNA.  The officer positions include: secretary, treasurer, and president-elect. Interested candidates must submit their names by June 1st to any board member. All potential candidates seeking nomination need to be an active member of INSGNA/SGNA in good standing, and they must have served on an INSGNA committee for a minimum of two years.

Election ballots will be sent to active members six weeks prior to the fall conference or no later than August 3, 2019. The results will be announced during the business meeting at the fall conference to be held September 14, 2019 in Lafayette.

In the event of an uncontested ballot the ballots will not be mailed to the members. A slate of candidates will be announced in the INSGNA August newsletter preceding the election.  The election will then take place at the fall conference.


Immediate Past President: Ann Minnicus, RN, BSN, MSM, CGRN

2019 is an election year, and as the chair of the nominations and elections committee I would like to explain the benefits that I experienced while serving on the INSGNA board.

I was reluctant to commit myself when I was approached by the Program Chair to assist with the Program Committee.   After serving several years on the committee, I then served as the Program Committee Chair, Treasurer, President-elect, President and currently Past-President.   In my experience, the position that required the most time was the Program Committee positions, and that occurred twice a year for the Spring and Fall Conferences.    The board meetings are held via teleconference and/or in person the evening prior to the Spring and Fall Educational Conferences.

INSGNA supports the Board members in many ways, primarily supporting educational opportunities as well as networking with other GI professionals.   In addition, Annual SGNA dues are covered by INSGNA, and  INSGNA conference fees such as registration, travel expenses, and hotel expenses are waived.

The secretary and treasurer positions are a 2-year commitment, and the President-elect is a 6-year commitment.   Sounds like a huge commitment, but truly the time flies.  The President-elect usually attends the SGNA Annual course with the President; representing Indiana at the House of delegates.   Again, all expenses including registration, travel, and hotel are covered.

Please consider serving with a very dedicated and experienced board, who will mentor you for any position.     If you have questions, you may contact any board member.

Membership Committee: Justin Heit BSN RN

 Happy spring everyone!  I hope that those who wanted to go were able to make it to both the INSGNA spring conference in Ft. Wayne, hosted by Lutheran Hospital as well as to Portland Oregon for the national SGNA conference.  One of the many great benefits of belonging to SGNA is connecting with our peers.  This was my first SGNA conference and what a great experience it was!  I met so many wonderful people with so much passion about our profession.  I have to give a shout out to the program planning committee for all of the hard work that went in to putting on such an amazing event.  I would be remiss if I didn’t point out that 3 of the 8 members of the planning committee are members of our very own INSGNA (Shelly Oilar, Ronda Flesch and Michelle Tyring)!  We also heard from Lea Anne Myers from Parkview Hospital in Fort Wayne who took the helm as President of SGNA during the closing conference in Portland.  We look forward to an exciting year under her leadership. Another Indiana shout-out goes to Michelle Juan from IU Health in Indianapolis, who is president-elect.  Go Hoosiers!

We are currently at 120 members as of 4/15/2019 and have had 20 new members join/rejoin in 2019 thus far.  Just a reminder that beginning July 1st, SGNA will be offering their 18 month midyear membership, which would be a great time to renew and would extend membership through December of 2020.

Membership in SGNA demonstrates your passion and support for the gastroenterology and endoscopy specialty, as well as supporting the initiatives of the Society.  When you join SGNA, you are supporting valuable initiatives for the specialty and can take advantage of exclusive resources that will keep you updated on the latest developments and topics in the specialty.  Some of the more tangible benefits of membership include: discounts on learning activities and conferences, Gastroenterology Nursing Journal and newsletters as well as 2 free webinars.  Each member renewed through 2019 can use the code 2WEBINARS19 at checkout two times to redeem your two free webinars in 2019.    SGNA membership also entitles you to a discount on the certification exam and study materials.  Registration for the fall ABCGN CGRN exam will open June 1st-July 5th and the testing window will be October 1st – October 31st.

Group memberships are available for 5 or more people.  This allows a hospital/facility or corporation to join through the SGNA corporate/Facility Membership option.  It offers a transferable membership option as well as discounted membership rates depending on the number of memberships purchased.  More information can be found at: https://www.sgna.org/Join/Group-Membership.  Talk to your leadership at your hospital about this option.

New Members

January –  

Natalie Beck Becky Lichlyter Tina Lowe
Tonjia Mason Katherine Rednour



Lora Cox Gail Edwards Adrienne Freeman
Elizabeth Gazier Pam Goebel Kelly Guendling
Lynn Heatherly Elizabeth Klotz Michel Lambert
Patty Warren Daniel Berg



Patricia Hill Molly Scudder Kelli Heimbach


April –

Joan Hunt    


Thank you for continuing to support our specialty.  Please reach out to any of the board members (including myself at Justin.Heit@ascension.org),  regarding questions you may have about membership, benefits or how to become involved in the INSGNA.   I hope to see you all soon at the next conference this fall in Fort Wayne hosted by Parkview Hospital!


Treasurer:  Deb Nesbitt  BSN RN CGRN

As of March 2019 our accounts show the following balances:
Savings: $17,605.44

Checking:  $15,574.57


 Education/Scholarship: Michele Tyring RN BSN CGRN

Congratulations to Stephanie Porter from St. Vincent’s in Indianapolis!  She was the scholarship winner and attended the annual course in Portland earlier this month.  Be looking for an article in the next newsletter or a report from her at the fall course.  We can’t wait to hear about your experience!

Apologies to anyone who missed the usual 50/50 raffle at the spring meeting!  Hopefully that won’t happen again as we have two new members to the committee.  Please welcome Mary Keifer from IU Health Methodist Hospital and Christine Milne from IU Health University Hospital.  So, don’t forget to bring some cash to the fall meeting to support the scholarship fund.  The next scholarship available is for certification/recertification.

Mark your calendars for the 2020 national course.  The 47th Annual Course will be held in Louisville, Kentucky May 15-19.  Our own Lea Anne Myers is the national president and Michelle Juan is president elect!  Since the course is so close, within driving distance for most, we hope many Indiana members can attend!  Remember scholarship applications are available on the website and will be available at the fall meeting.  The scholarship deadline for registration for the annual course is February 15th.


Program Committee: Michelle Oilar CST

We are finally getting to enjoy some spring weather even though our INSGNA spring conference has come and gone. Another big thank you to Dianna Burns and her group at Lutheran Hospital for hosting such a great conference! We had a great turnout and wonderful speakers. Our fall conference will be hosted by Franciscan Health Lafayette and will be held on Saturday September 14, 2019. There will be a Friday evening dinner CEU opportunity. Keep a look out for the brochure or check our website for more details. We look forward to seeing all of you in the fall in Lafayette!!


Website: Katrina and Brent McClain

Pictures from GI Nurses and Associates week are now posted on the website. Go check them out here!